“Exquisite hand built scale replica’s of all kinds of seafaring vessels made just for you on commission. You can choose to have just the outside of your craft modelled or the whole thing, right down to every nut and bolt on show. Whatever you decide, your scale model will be totally unique and completely scratch built.”
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I am Michael Nye

I build model boats and ships from scratch

Since birth, and perhaps before, I have been fascinated by the sea and in particular, boats. Starting with floating a date box on a pond on Clapham Common at the age of 4, and progressing through such craft as a Cornish lugger and a Whitstable Oysterman, both of which provided me with a home for a number of years. I have owned, and in some cases built a variety of small sailing vessels, and many models, mainly, traditional boats and ships, some of which are in museums around the country, while others have been built on commission for private collectors. My present boat is a Westerly Griffon, and at the age of 69 I am more actively engaged in ship modelling than ever. My model boats and ships are completely scratch built by hand with specialist tools, some of which i have had to make specifically to achieve the desired goal.

Most of my projects are on a commission basis

The photographs on this site show examples of models, some of which are currently "in stock", but it is always more satisfactory to build a model to a specific brief. A client may have a very clear idea of the vessel of which he desires a model of, a conversation then ensues. We will establish the scale; the level of detail (above and below decks?); the purpose of the model ( whether purely a as "showcase", or sometimes perhaps to do a little voyaging?). Even, on occasion, the exact date and time, taken from the ship's log: was she ghosting home up channel after a bruising battle, beached to offload a cargo, or perhaps in pristine condition at the start of a maiden voyage? Would a diorama be desired? I will research all the available information, from libraries, museums, galleries and shipyards. Sometimes also the memories of sailors, and of course where possible the vessel itself, in order to build a model with as much accuracy and faithfulness as possible to the original subject.


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